Opinion Wanted

This is a fairly minor matter, but still. I’d like to know what other people would do.

The situation: As you know, we live in a mobile home in a mobile home development. Ours is pretty much the only lot that doesn’t have a defined driveway. It’s just the end of the road between our house and the old office that is no longer used. It’s pretty much the only place for us to park, as they would frown upon us parking in the single lane road behind our house and up further from our “driveway” is the mailbox, which we can’t park in front of either.

Every couple of months we get someone parking in our area. Sometimes it’s utility people or it’s people visiting other people. There has even been 2 cars parked there, taking up both spaces. Last night, someone left a trailer with a giant spool of piping or something there. It’s gone today, at least. I contacted the property owner people but they didn’t know who it was and weren’t that helpful.

I asked if anything could be done, such as a private parking sign. She said yes, but asked do I really want that in my yard? I was a little thrown by the question and wanted to know what other people thought.

If the sign would guarantee no one would ever park there again, it would be a yes. But people ignore signs all the time.

What would you do if you were us?

  • I’d say put up the sign. you won’t be staring at it all night or anything, and this way if you have to confront someone for parking there, you can point at the sign and say “see? get lost!” :)

  • I’d put it up. I agree with Krissy’s point on it!

  • Id put up the sign, at least when someone parks there you’ll have more grounds to be like, “this isnt your spot” etc. =)

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