Yet Another Cardiologist Update

I heard from the cardiology office again today (maybe someday I’ll be able to update and say I have an actual prescription).

They were calling to say sorry it’s taking so long to get an appointment and mentioned that the doctor had been on vacation for 2 weeks, which explains the 2 weeks it took for them to get the note to her. I am concerned that no doctor was covering for her while she was out. Isn’t that how it normally works?

So they said something about how the doctor was planning on increasing my clonidine dose till I got in to see her. I said I wasn’t taking it any longer because it was making my blood pressure go UP not down (this was because it was making my heart rate slightly lower, which always increases my blood pressure). So she said she’d give the doctor another message, labeling it high priority since I’m not currently on any BP meds. We’ll see what happens next, I guess.

I forgot to mention before that the first person I talked to said the 2 medications that I requested she prescribe one of contained sulfa so she wouldn’t prescribe. These are the only category of BP drugs that have helped me, but my old family doctor had prescribed the version that DID have sulfa in it so I can’t take it (my health insurance only covers 2 out of like 8 drugs in this category). According to my health care formulary and, there are two types of each drug in this category. One has a diuretic and has sulfa. One doesn’t. Shouldn’t a cardiologist know this?

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