Last night I finally got to level 70 on Calandria, my main in World of Warcraft. I started playing last January, played for two months, and then started playing again at the end of July. Calandria is a gnome warlock who is also a tailor and enchanter. Right now she has a long green ponytail but she started out with two pink puffy ponytails.

I’m enjoying playing right now because we’re in a pretty active guild that is also doing something. I’ve been on several raids and in a lot of instances. I also like the holiday activities and collecting pets.

I haven’t abandoned EQII completely. I still love that game but the fact that I never have anyone to group with is the main thing keeping me from playing.

  • congrats! 😀 isn’t warlock a fun class to play? I have two 70s (I don’t know which is the main and which is the alt anymore), a hunter and a warlock. Kebechet the warlock is specced for demonology right now — normally she is affliction with some destruction — and it’s kind of fun to play with her felguard Sharon again. his name is really Shaaroon but… well, it’s not a scary name. :(

  • @Krissy I love my warlock :) I’m destruction right now, after leveling up as demonology. I miss my Felguard. His name is Flaaghun.

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