Today we went over to my brother’s house as usual. My parents and his family were also there (his wife, daughter, and son). We had the usual turkey and ham, plus side dishes.

Afterward we played Catch Phrase and two Christmas trivia games. It was a pretty fun time. I haven’t been feeling that well the past few days (feel like I might be coming down with something). I’ll be at work tomorrow and fortunately don’t have to drive near any malls (I never go shopping on Black Friday).

  • this was the first Thanksgiving that Mike and I spent without family, and it was really strange (but not in a bad way). he made us a rack of lamb with mashed potatoes, we had cranberry-orange relish from Trader Joe’s (we don’t have them in CO, and we adore their stuff), and we drank beer and watched a movie. it was pretty nice :)

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