Somewhat Productive

I have been somewhat productive today so far, for me at least. This is nothing compared to what I could accomplish if I were healthier, but anyway.

I decided to stop taking the birth control pills a couple weeks ago. I have been on them since 1998 with only two breaks: when I was in the hospital in 2005 and in 2007 when they were testing for Cushing’s. Both of those were only a month’s time. My rheumy said at the last appointment in August that they could be causing my high liver enyzmes. Personally, I think it’s the insulin resistance causing that, but I read recently that bc pills can make insulin resistance worse so maybe indirectly they are. I also wanted to see if my high heart rate and blood pressure would be any lower without them. I kind of doubt they will.

Speaking of my high blood pressure, I called my cardiologist the Friday before last to see if she would put me on something since the clonidine made my BP worse instead of better and I don’t see her again till Dec. 2. Haven’t heard back yet. I guess I’ll have to call again. Unless they’re just mailing me a prescription…I think they did that once before when I called because she wrote the prescription wrong. You would think they could at least call to let you know they’re mailing a prescription.

So that brings me back to why I was productive. Since I stopped the bc pills, I’ve been feeling like painting again, but my craft/art/puzzle table was a mess. So was my cabinet of art supplies. I cleaned up both of those and decided to work on my unicorn paint by number again. While I was working on it, I discovered that one of the little paint pots is missing! This is not good. I have no idea where it got to, but as it’s little and rolls, I sure it ended up being a cat toy. Who knows where it could be now? I’m going to have Joe move the fridge out when he gets home. There’s too much dust under there to see with a flashlight. I didn’t see it under the stove. I looked all around the kitchen/den area and if it’s not under the fridge…I’m not sure where else to look. A cat could have carried it to any of the other rooms.