Red Robin and More

Tonight Joe and I used my free burger and sundae birthday coupon at Red Robin (did you get there tonight too Krissy?). I had my usual gourmet cheeseburger, pink, no tomatoes but instead of my usual american cheese I had to get monteray jack since they were out of american. It was full of yum.

Then we went to A.C. Moores where I bought a new palette for my painting and a calligraphy practice pad (it has lines on it). I had wanted a new 4×6 watercolor paper block but they don’t seem to carry them there.

After that we stopped at Comix Connection and bought some WoW TCG cards. No loot cards, unfortunately.

Now we’re home and I’ll be spending the rest of the evening playing WoW, watching Survivor, and reading yet another Baby-Sitters Club book.

I still haven’t decided where I want to eat on my actual birthday next Wednesday.

  • we went tonight too! :) I got my usual… the BLTA croissant (yum). no sundae for me tonight for some reason, but since I was pretty well stuffed, that was okay.

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