A few weeks ago I reread the Anne of Green Gables books. They were full of plums…plum puddings, plum preserves, plum cakes. I realized I have never eaten a plum or anything plum flavored. I want to try one, but the grocery store only has dried plums (aka prunes). I’m sure plums must still exist…so why can’t I find one? Are they only available during a certain time of the year?

Have you ever eat a plum? Did you like it?

  • I love the Anne books… I need to reread them. :) somehow I can only find the first one and Rilla of Ingleside; I’m not sure where my others went. :(

    I have had plums, and they are quite good. there was a Thai place in Boulder that had the most amazing plum wine… so sweet and delicious!

  • I love plums! My grandparents had a plum tree, and plums are quite easy to come by during the summer/early fall in California. They are delicious.

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