Not Rushing to 80

I’m not rushing to 80 in WoW. However, most of the rest of the guild is. I just reached 70 a few weeks ago and was happy to finally be included in guild things. Now, once again, unless I kill myself leveling, I’m going to again be left out.

World of Warcraft is very different that what I’m used to in Everquest II. In EQII, you could have a lot of fun at any level. When our guild was active there, it was composed of people of all level and with the mentoring system, it was easy to play with lower level friends. You can help out lower level friends in WoW, but it’s not as fun for the helpee since all they can really do is watch while their high level friend takes out the mobs for them.

Even holiday events in WoW are catered toward the level-capped players. Quests that only they can get, high level instances, etc. The past Halloween event in EQII scaled to your level. I’m concerned that EQII is starting to take more of the WoW approach to things. They recently cut the amount of experience needed to level and the upcoming expansion is for upper level groups mainly (which is why I’m not getting it at the moment). I had preordered every other expansion but this one doesn’t interest me. I solo and I’m not 80 on any character. Plus I don’t even play much anymore.

  • Do you still have an active account on EQII? I should try and get on and play with ya when I’m done finals ^^

  • I’m still waiting to get our expansions! :) it’s okay if it takes a little while — the extra ram I ordered for my powerbook will arrive sometime this week, and I think I’ll need the extra memory boost to manage WotLK.

    I’m actually kind of sad about having to level again… it’s been nice being at the top of the level range and just dinking around, collecting stuff, improving professions, etc. I am so excited about Naxx being redone for this expansion — that area in particular has fascinated me (and Scholomance too) but I never got a chance to run it because BC came out the day after my first character dinged 60. this time… oh Naxx, you are mine :)

  • @Rice No, not currently. I may resubscribe during the Frostfell event though.

  • @Krissy I would have liked more time at 70 before the expansion. Maybe like 3-4 months. I haven’t even been to most of the dungeons in the Outlands. Been to Kara and several old world raids though.

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