Health Update

I got a different asthma med to try today while I was at the allergist. I take Singulair and had been taking Advair Diskus but even the 500 strength didn’t bring me to my pre-asthma breathing. I had mentioned it to my allergist and he told me that when I was low on the Advair he’d switch me to something else, which is Symbicort. I need to finish up the Advair first though so it will still be a few weeks till I try it. I see him again in a month then. I guess I didn’t mention it to him sooner because I thought that’s just how it was going to be with asthma. But I realized when I was on the prednisone in September for bronchitis that it doesn’t have to be that way…assuming that there’s something else that will allow me to breath as well as the prednisone did.

I also called my cardiologist today because they never called me back after I called about taking a different blood pressure med around…October 20th? So I talked to a nurse and she said the doctor had just received the note yesterday. I didn’t say anything about it but I was thinking…what the hell???? They’re a CARDIOLOGY office. They should deliver/read notes before TWO WEEKS. The nurse said the doctor wanted to see me before prescribing something because of my allergies and asthma and such. Understandable. Then she said that Dec. 4 appointment that was scheduled was a little far away and I should be seen sooner and that she’ll have the schedulers call me (I hope they actually do). Again, I was thinking…if she thinks I should be seen sooner…shouldn’t I have been seen TWO WEEKS AGO???

  • urgh… sometimes doctor’s offices are infuriating. *hugs*

    when I worked as a neuropsych tech, other departments would refer patients to us for testing — COPD, asthma, etc… all can impact cognitive functioning. sometimes they would fax us referrals, which meant we got them and handled them promptly… other times someone physically brought them to us and shoved them in stacks of paperwork or slid them under a door (which led to us coming in with snowy boots and destroying it, or sometimes it was a room that we only opened once a week or so). I hated that because then we looked bad. maybe it was a similar problem with your note?

  • @Krissy I hope something like that happened, rather than they just didn’t do anything with it for two weeks.

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