I’ve been cross-stitching a lot lately. I’ve been working on my mom’s Christmas present, a snow leopard. It might just be the most complicated one I’ve worked on so far. Lots of multi-color stitches and so on and most of the surface of the fabric is covered with stitches. Plus, since it’s mainly a large cat with a little background, there’s not a lot of definable areas. This makes it harder to realize you’re making progress. In the other one I was stitching before, it’s a bunch of seashells and seaweed and a seahorse. So you can say “oh, I finished another seashell”. But this one is “oh, I finished another area of color that I will have to repeat further away on the fabric”.

It’s unpleasant or anything. I might not finish it before Christmas though, even though I’m trying to.

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