I used to say that caffeine didn’t really have an effect on me. And I mean the caffeine in soda or tea…I don’t like coffee. A month or two ago I stopped drinking soda and wasn’t really drinking any tea (I drank chocolate soy milk, OJ with seltzer, and mainly vitamin water type stuff). I stopped because of the sugar in soda and I’m trying to cut back on carbs (trying being the operative word…I know the other stuff I’m drinking still has sugar). I really wasn’t trying to avoid caffeine, but I ended up not having any for almost a month, except for a few fast food drinks. Then we got bought some soda during my birthday week for at home. Coke. And we had some last week. It seems like whenever I have one I feel a lot more jittery. I suppose it could be the sugar, but I feel like it might actually be the caffeine. I’m going to try some caffeine free Coke and see how that makes me feel and then I’ll know. And if it is, then I’ll be avoiding it from now on.

  • I stopped drinking soda before my wedding in order to lose weight (and it did help), and I went for quite a few months without it. when I did drink it again, it tasted really strange to me. now it’s back to normal, which probably means I should cut back again. :)

    I never drank coffee until we moved here, really. the pacific northwest loves its coffee! mine has to be full of sweetener for me to even tolerate it though. I love love love green tea.

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