I hate coming up with titles

I sometimes take for granted how good I still feel despite my chronic illnesses. Meaning that a lot of time I feel miserable, but then like this week I come down with bronchitis (still waiting on the chest x-ray results on pneumonia) and I feel really miserable and long to be back to my usual not-quite-as-miserable state. My fever finally broke so I’m on my way.

And it figures that Joe and I both came down with the same cold last weekend and I was the one who ended up with bronchitis. I suppose it’s better that way, since I can work from home and he can’t.

I wonder sometimes at nurses at doctor’s offices. I normally keep track at home of my blood pressure and heart rate and know what they are. Sometimes the nurse’s readings are so far off from mine. For example, I had been running a fever of over a 100 Thursday and Friday. I went to the doctor’s Friday and had taken my temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate not too long before I left. They were 100.3 degrees, 151/100 and 112. The nurse’s readings? 97.2 degrees, 120/70, and 83. I don’t think so.

The doctors sometimes recheck the readings but this one didn’t (I had to see a different one and it was last minute so I didn’t care). One time a nurse took my pulse as 60 (when I knew it was much much higher). The doctor rechecked and it was 120. You would think that they could at least get the temperature right, with those ear thermometers. But when they just sort of wave them at your ear as they press the button, I don’t see how that could be accurate.

I’ve had bronchitis before, but not with asthma since I just developed the asthma this past year (go me). Even with my asthma medications and rescue inhaler I could barely breathe. He couldn’t tell in the doctor’s office if I had pneumonia because I was wheezing so much. He gave me steroids and antibiotics. I can breathe again mostly, thankfully. I go back in two weeks for a checkup and find out Tuesday about the pneumonia. I kind of doubt I have it but you never know.

  • I’m so glad to see you writing again :) I’ve been worried about you.

    asthma really does make things like bronchitis much worse. it sucks. :(

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