Today Joe and I went to Knoebels Amusement Park and had a great time. I am EXHAUSTED but it was worth it.

All my life I’ve lived very close to Hershey Park and have gone there at least once almost every summer. I’ve only been to Knoebels a few times. I wanted to go there this time instead of Hershey Park because there’s no admission fee and you just pay for tickets (or for an all-day wristband). $20 in tickets was enough for us to go on everything we wanted. Joe’s not a big fan of coasters or upside-down rides. I suppose it’s fortunate in that aspect that I’m “unwell” as I love coasters and rides that go upside-down and all-around. With my current autonomic nervous system dysfunction, I have to be careful what I go on or I feel awful. I used to love the centrifugal force ride that sticks you to a wall that some places have, but when I went on that in Missouri a few years ago I felt like I was about to die.

We went to the haunted house (of course), the giant wheel, the log ride, and some others. We also played mini-golf, where I got several holes-in-one and came in under par. And we ate a lot of bad (but so good!) food. It wasn’t that crowded and there was hardly any wait for rides. The day was sunny and kinda hot, but only in the mid-80s. All in all, it was a really fun day.

I also made some purchases there: two duckies (from the arcade using skeeball tickets mainly), gems than I panned for from a bag of dirt, a cute little stuffed skunk that I named Missy, and a necklace with a unicorn on it. I just reread a bunch of Sweet Valley Twins books recently, and if you’ve ever read them you’ll know why I wanted it (yes, I’m actually 12 years old instead of 28).


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