It’s Been Awhile

It’s been several months since my last post here. I have my reasons, but I’m tired of not posting.

We got a second car again, from one of our co-workers. It has working AC! The AC in my car would have cost about $1000 to fix, so it’s still without it after two years, but I’ve been driving the new car in this hot weather.

I tried playing Age of Conan when it came out in the beginning of May but couldn’t get into it. Too buggy and I didn’t really like the way the characters looked. Creating characters there made me miss my EQII characters (I hadn’t played EQII since January). Then, in June, EQII came out with their Living Legacy promotion where unsubscribed people got two free months so I started playing again. Really enjoyed it, but the hours sitting upright after work caused my health to take a serious decline so I had to stop playing unfortunately.

I started cross-stitching again a few weeks ago and finished several. I also started working again on redoing my cross-stitch site, changing over to WordPress and a new layout. It’s still in progress though.

I’ve been reading a lot of young adult novels that I brought over from my parents: Fabulous Five, Sweet Valley Twins and High, Bad News Ballet, Girl Talk, River Heights, and others. I’m surprised at how much I remember from them. The Baby-Sitters Club is still my favorite though.

I discovered at the end of May that the drug I was taken for my high blood pressure since last summer has SULFA in it. Which I am allergic to. Which the doctors and pharmacies know. Yeah, I wasn’t happy to find that out. I switched doctors and just had my first appointment with my new doctor last week. The office is only 5 minutes away with no highway driving, unlike my last one that was 20 min away, all highway (he didn’t use to be that far away). The office people were all really nice and so was the doctor. She prescribed me Lunesta, which I requested, and the insurance company denied it at first because it required a pre-authorization form (hadn’t known that). The office got the form filled out and faxed and I had my approval within two days. The previous doctor’s office would forget about things like forms that needed to be faxed and so on.

So my health hasn’t been that good and when I see my cardiologist next (September) I’m going to see if she will fill out referral papers for a research hospital. Hopefully she will and I’ll be able to get an appointment. I don’t know though…she doesn’t seem to think that POTS causes any other symptoms than high heart rate, despite publications by the POTS experts describing other symptoms. I had asked my new family doctor about a referral and she said that the cardiologist would be a better choice to provide one.

That’s about all that’s been going on the past few months. Nothing too exciting.

  • I’m so glad to see you posting again!!! I’ve missed reading your entries very much. *hugs*

  • Ive missed hearing from you.. I hope things are looking better. glad to hear you switched doctors and things.. and goodluck with getting the referral that you want!

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