Soundcards are Sheep

I bet you didn’t know that.

Sometimes it can be frustrating being unable to think or speak properly. I know everyone has moments where they say the wrong word, put words in the wrong order, or can’t remember the name of something. With the neurological effects of my illnesses and the medications, it happens to me lately everytime I open my mouth. Sometimes it’s very frustrating (or embarrasing if it’s someone other than Joe I’m speaking to), for both me and Joe. “Get that thing there me!” or “I want in there that thing on the thing there”.

Some are just amusing. We both laughed and joked at “Soundcards are sheep!”. I had been trying, of course, to say that soundcards were cheap. Inexpensive would have been a better word choice but I take what I can get lately, especially in the first hour after waking up.

  • Baa!

  • It’s good to laugh at this, but I definitely know how you feel. I’m extremely frustrated by this particular side effect of my illnesses and medications. I feel stupid, even though I know that’s not the case.


  • @Crystal: I know, me too. I feel like my intelligence level has totally taken a nose dive the past couple years. I’m glad I’m no longer in college with it, but it must be difficult for you, teaching and talking to colleagues. I’m glad I don’t usually talk to the clients myself at work.

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