New Harddrives

They’re going to be switching my tower at work to a different one that has more …whatever there is supposed to be more of. This involves moving my files over (fortunately they have a super-humongous file server that I put everything on to move it over) and reinstalling programs. Plus setting settings to how I like them.

The odd thing is is that I just got a new harddrive for my home computer this week and have to do the same here (minus a file server). My external drive that had all my photos, artwork, and website files died a few months ago (I was thankfully able to save the files and burn them to DVD). I decided to use the new drive as my primary so I have to install WIndows and everything. I’ll be happy to be able to access everything again once I finish. I think that it’s going to happen either tonight or tomorrow.

I always worry though that I’m going to forget something when backing up and lose it forever.