I am having website issues

No, it isn’t my server (dotable has always been great*). It’s issues with me and their content (and designs).

Once upon a time all my content was on one domain. This was about 10 years ago. Then gradually each different section acquired it’s own domain since I love buying domains. Some of those domains have gone away and their content discarded or absorbed (mainly discarded). For the past several years sometimes I haven’t posted something because I couldn’t decide where to put it.

These are my current domains:

  • wavesoflife.com
  • oceanbreeze.net (cross-stitch site)
  • mysticalcreatures.org (mythical creatures)
  • sea-fae.com (life-book)
  • cleverness.org (portal/web design weblog)
  • fuzzydoodles.com (artwork and photos**)
  • cindy[lastname].com (professional portfolio…someday)
  • frozenflower.com (journal)
  • enchantment-designs.com (WP themes…someday)
  • orderofthephoenixeq2.com (EQII guild site)

Some of these aren’t going to ever be absorbed: the EQII guild site and the mythical creature site. The others I just don’t know about. I think I want to leave the cross-stitches on oceanbreeze. I like having one “family-safe” site. It needs updating and something done with the design though. Maybe I’ll redo it in WordPress. The professional portfolio, WP themes site and life book are all staying where they are for now. The domains (and content) I’m unsure about are cleverness.org, fuzzydoodles.com, and frozenflower.com. The portal/web design weblog (that hasn’t been updated in forever), the artwork and photos, and the journal.

I guess my main issue right now is with the content on fuzzydoodles. Some of it I know I want to keep, such as the artwork and some photos. I think that I want to use the domain though for my children’s book illustration portfolio. I also don’t know what to do with cleverness.org (the “content” is going away..I’ll post any webdesign things on here). frozenflower will probably be left alone for the moment.

I’m considering absorbing the fuzzydoodles content here on waves. Some sort of gallery. I considered using flickr but I don’t know. I like having them on my server.

So….that didn’t help me come to any conclusion unfortunately. Any advice?

* funnily enough, as I wrote this entry the server went down
** the gallery is currently screwy. It ate some of my photos I had imported. You can see the photos at fuzzydoodles.com/photos

  • I have 4 active domains right now. imbri.org is the main one, and all my others point to subdomains there. two domains are used for email only (because I wanted myname@domain.whatever) and one is for my wow guild.

    pretty much everything is on imbri using a subdomain. I had a separate weblog domain for a bit but I let it go. I didn’t like having my content in too many places. it’s cozy having it all together :)

  • I think condensing is a good idea, I’d like to see the fuzzydoodles content here!

    I have only two domains; star-shaped.org and aubreyandscott.com, which I’m not sure what to do with now that we’re married.

  • yes I like the coziness idea. another way of thinking of it.

    i got rid of cindandjoey.com a while ago since i also didn’t know what to do with it after being married.

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