Rainy Day

Today was one of those completely grey days where the rain fell steadily and constantly and you just want to stay in bed all day. Unfortunately we had to go out. Joe worked in the morning and left early to take me to my cardiologist appointment (I worked from home after my appointment). The appointment was very short with almost no waiting time. My appointment was for 2:00 and we were out of there and in the car by 2:14. Amazing. She gave me a prescription for a calcium channel blocker in the hopes that it would work in combination with the Mestinon. I had tried Cardiazem by itself and it nothing so now I’m trying a different one. I didn’t really have anything to talk or ask her about so it went fine.

Today my asthma was worse than usual. I tried searching Google to see if weather like today could worse asthma but all I find was rain causing pollen to move around but there’s no pollen around right now. This whole asthma thing is still new to me.

Off the subject of today, I’m finding I don’t really feel like finishing this layout. None of my layouts lately feel like me. I think I’m going to wait till after WordPress 2.5 is out (March 10 is it?). I have all these things from before that I never finished such as users viewing certain categories and all that. I think I need to give up on all that maybe and make everything just a simple weblog.

Speaking of WordPress 2.5 I’m not really fond of the new admin interface for it. I wasn’t really thrilled with the current interface and have used the Spotmilk theme (website has been down awhile) for most of my sites. But it doesn’t work with 2.5 and the author has vanished once again. Hopefully someone will make it work with 2.5.

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