Lack of Readers…or Commenters?

I know there’s been a huge decline in my readership this past year, mainly due to the lack of and boringness of my posting for a long time. There’s much less commenting from people I don’t know, which leads me to believe no one new is reading. I feel like some of my old readers have left and mainly my closest online friends remain. Which isn’t bad…but I sometimes feel like what’s the point as my close online friends are not that close anymore. Not that I’m blaming anyone as it’s most likely my fault.

It’s just that if no one is reading anymore, what’s the point in keeping this site up? Not that I want to take it down. What I want is the energy to finish a layout and make it better than I currently have. To actually finish the subpages I started and want to add (about my characters from online games for example). To write more interesting entries and to take more photographs. To have a high readership and large numbers of commenters and online friends and to have th e ability to effectively manage and interact with them all. But I don’t and that depresses me sometimes.

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