Additional Allergy Testing

Last Tuesday I had my “under the skin” allergy testing done. This time, cats showed up in a major way. The welt on my arm grew to two inches and lasted for over a day. The second worst was ragweed and that wasn’t nearly as bad as cats. I’ll be starting my allergy shots in a few weeks and am hoping they’ll enable me to eventually be able to enjoy going outside and having the windows open. And not having to hold my breath if we drive by anyone cutting their grass.

The breath test they did showed that the medication is helping my asthma, but I don’t like being on any sort of steroid, inhaled or otherwise. They put me on a lower dose at least (Advair Diskus 100/something). I forgot to ask him to fill out the form so I can get Singular so I’ll have to ask my family doctor when I go next week and hope he has more samples. He also gave me some samples of Nasacort AQ. That had worked backed in June but I’m doubtful it will work now. Even if it does, my insurance doesn’t cover it. I told him that and he gave me a prescription and told me to try to have it filled so we have the denial on record and then they’ll try to petition it? I doubt they’ll cover it and frankly I don’t want to be on nasal steroids anymore. I’m tired of the bleeding in my nose they cause.

I started taking Xyxal or something Tuesday after my testing from samples(the new antihistamine that my insurance ALSO doesn’t cover). I don’t know if it’s working or not because I came down with a cold last weekend and am still not over it.

The prescriptions are really starting to pile up and so are copays. Without insurance I could NEVER afford all these prescriptions so I’m grateful for insurance (even though it’s a bitch to get them to pay for the drugs I need) but even with it, I’m starting to be unable to afford them all. I’m so glad that the allergy shots are covered 100%.

These are the prescriptions I’m currently on:

  • Yasmin – AM – birth control
  • Benicar HCT – AM – blood pressure
  • Klor-Con – AM & PM – fix low potassium
  • Zantac – AM & PM – gastritis
  • Lyrica – AM & PM – fibromyalgia
  • Mestinon – AM & afternoon & PM – POTS
  • Singular – PM – asthma
  • Advair Diskus – AM & PM – asthma
  • (nasal steroid) – PM – allergies
  • (antihistamine) – PM – allergies
  • occasionally anti-naseaua pill
  • occasional Ambien

Also a multivitamin and occasionally melatonin.

I could never manage without my pill case with the days of the week and AM & PM boxes.

  • *hugs* I feel ya on the drugs and the pill case. Some weeks, I don’t put my drugs in their case, and I always pay for it. bleh.

    I love you!

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