I need a new layout for here and I have one in mind (and an istockphoto for it too) but I lack the actual inspiration to make it. Soon maybe.

I have something new to occupy my free time: World of Warcraft. I’ve always been a total EQII fan and had no interest in playing WoW. But the tier 8 pets from the expansion really made me upset: so upset that I didn’t want to play my Conjuror anymore, which was my only character I played to level 70 and was my main. Plus, as I haven’t been feeling well I wanted something I could play on my Powerbook while laying on the couch. I started playing about two weeks ago and I now have a level 30 hunter who’s favorite pet is a big pink flamingo-type bird. She has mining and engineering as her professions and the same name as my Mystic from EQII. Joe and I play on the Sentinels server with some friends of ours we met in EQII.

The holidays were pretty uneventful. We did the usual Christmas Eve with my parents and brother’s family at my parents’ house and then Christmas Day at my brother’s house. We went over to my aunt’s house for New Year’s Eve. Last weekend we had a game night at my brother’s house which was fun.

The only thing not so fun has been my health. I’m still having coughing fits and difficulty breathing, especially at night. You know, I’m wondering why my family doctor hasn’t tested me for asthma or anything. I told him about how when I was undecorating the tree, I had an episode where I could hardly breathe that lasted about 20 min and then I was still wheezy and coughing for several hours afterwards. I just saw him last week and will see him again in a month.

I go to see an allergist next Tuesday for a consultation and allergy testing. I had testing done years and years ago but I want to see about getting allergy shots so they need to do it again. I wonder if an allergist can diagnose asthma?

The rheumy I saw back in December increased my Lyrica dosage to 150mg twice a day instead of once. Speaking of medications, generic Ambien is not working for me. If I take 10mg of it I throw up. If I take 5mg nothing happens. If I take 5mg of the real Ambien, I get visual hallucinations after about 15 minutes and become very trippy. I don’t see how they can say it’s the same as regular Ambien.

The doctor I saw last week gave me some samples of Singulair (the medication he wanted me on last month but the insurance denied but I don’t think he filled out the paperwork properly because I fit the qualifications). I’ve been able to actually breathe at night so I think it’s helping. Now I just need to get the insurance company’s approval because it’s too expensive otherwise. Maybe the allergist would fill out the paperwork?

  • I’m glad you’re liking wow! too bad we aren’t on the same server :( we never seem to end up in the same places on these games, hehe.

    I play a 70 nelf hunter and a 70 human warlock. my hunter has a scarlet traacking hound from the scarlet monastary as her main pet… you don’t see many of them around :) I like having an unusual pet… there aren’t a lot of hyenas out there. I am used to dishing out crazy amounts of dps and it’s so much fun!

    my hunter does engineering. beware, it’s kind of a broken profession, although they do seem to be making some improvements.

    I took a long break but am coming back for a little bit to see if it captures my interest again. I did miss it.

  • *hugs* I completely and utterly feel you on the medical front. Don’t you just WISH you could walk in to a doctor’s office and get answers and solutions? Bahhh!

    Have fun with Wow! :)

  • Hey! Wow is amazing! =) Too bad we arent on the same server either, but I hope you enjoy it!

    As for the medicine and doctors.. I hope you can get somthings figured out, as with medicine and the like.. I take Singulair and Advair for my asthma.. im surprised if you’re on the one you havent been diagnosed yet?

    anyway, thinking of you..

  • @Krissy – I didn’t know engineering was broken…I guess I’m not high enough to notice yet :)

    @Crystal – I think that finally happened at my allergist appointment!

    @Sarah – I’m on the same as you now for the asthma

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