It’s official: I can now add asthma to my list of things that are wrong with me. I’m not suprised, I’m just wondering why my family doctor never mentioned it (even though he put me on an asthma medication). I didn’t do very well on the breath test and then they had me inhale some medication for 6 minutes and do it again and I did better. Plus I felt better. Now I have a use-as-needed-but-not-too-often inhaler (forget the name), am on Advair, and Veramyst. All samples, the only one my insurance covers is Advair. But what *does* my insurance cover lately that I need?

The allergy test was a surprise…it was negative for cats (15 some years ago it was positive for cats, grass, and dust mites). It was positive for dogs and rabbits though. And still positive for every type of grass they tested me for. I go back in two weeks for additional testing and for another breath test.

  • welcome to asthma :( I’m really sorry. *hugs*

    my asthma is triggered by my allergies (which are numerous and include just about every plant and animal that exists, plus dust), being out in the cold, and too much exercise. you may have an albuterol inhaler — it’s often called a “rescue inhaler” and you use it when you feel short of breath.

  • *raises up inhaler to toast you and Krissy with*

    I’m actually surprised that they put you on Advair, having a heart issue. The Serevent component made MY heart race and made me so speedy I couldn’t sleep for weeks, so I just take Flovent and Singulair now.

  • @Krissy – yes I think that’s what the inhaler is. So far my asthma seems to be triggered by allergies and exercise.

    @Blair – I’m surprised too now, after reading some more about it. I’ll have to watch my heart rate over the next week before my follow appt. Whatever was in the breathing treatment they did at the office made me feel pretty hyper and high…it was actually kind of a good feeling.

  • Mmm, nebulizer treatments.. I feel for you, it really isnt fun HAVING asthma, just as it isnt fun thinking you have it, feeling you have it, and not knowing. Im glad you were diagnosed!

    I used to have an albuterol one, but I never remember to take my medicine anymore anyway.. so I guess im doing pretty good.. I should get my script filled, if only I could find it 😉 oops.

    Julianne has a nebulizer, we were told a few months ago she might have asthma, I wasnt surprised but I was heartbroken.. So far, she hasnt been diagnosed with it, nor having a lot of problems.. I just hope itwas the bad winter weather making her need the nebulizer and the sickness at her school..

    *hug* Still thinking about you. Sorry I dont say more, more often.. but You are not forgotten.

  • Ugh…Like you needed something else. *HUGS*

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