Biopsy Results

They called this morning with the results of the biopsies. It was good to know that they were normal, as my maternal grandfather died from stomach cancer.

So my new diagnosises include IBS and gastritis (I think). People with dysautonomia often have IBS so that’s probably why I have it. He didn’t say what’s causing the gastritis. I go back in three months.

I see the rheumy at the end of this month, family doctor at the beginning of next, cardiologist sometime in February and gastro in March.

I’ve still been having a lot of coughing problems and trouble breathing. The insurance denied the authorization for the pills the doctor prescribed, and they wouldn’t cover the second pill he wanted to give me. So now I get his third choice, which I think is horrible (not the third drug..the fact that it’s the third choice). How can insurance companies have so much say over our health? It’s not right. I would be sooo frustrated and angry all the time if I were a doctor.

  • I’m so glad the biopsies were normal, and that maybe they can help figure out what’s up now that you have a few more diagnoses.

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