Not very fun

I have to say I am NOT NOT NOT looking forward to the next two days. Tomorrow I have to do the prep for the colonoscopy and then Monday I have the colonoscopy and endoscopy.

To make matters more uncomfortable, my insurance wouldn’t cover the prep my gastro prescribed so instead of drinking 2 quarts of liquid, I have to drink 4 quarts. I am SO SICK of insurance companies deciding what medications we should be taking. Our doctors prescribe us certain medications for a reason.

Plus when I picked up my prep kit at the drug store, it contained an extra bottle of some laxative thing. This medication isn’t listed on the instruction sheet the gastro’s office gave me so I called and talked to the doctor-on-call today. I could barely understand him, but he told me to take it in between the pills and the other liquids. I am very skeptical about this and am not sure what I’m going to do, considering that I daily have the opposite of a problem that would require extra laxatives.

To annoy me further, I called my cardiologist last Tuesday to get a prescription refill (she originally prescribed the Mestinon for once a day and told me to call if I needed to take it more often…well I do and I was out). They called Thursday to double check what I wanted and said they’d talk to the doctor and then call it in. I tried to pick it up Friday night, but they had never called it in. I was able to fill the refill on the original prescription but I’ll have to call them early this week since it won’t last that long. Incidentally, the pharmacist and I (and his niece) share the same birthday.

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