This month of blog posting would have been a lot more interesting if I actually did anything. Then maybe I would have something to post about.

I work 25 hours a week. I spend about 10 hours a day sleeping (or trying to sIeep). I browse the web a lot. I occasionally play Everquest II. I’m still rereading the Baby-Sitter Club books (I’m in the mystery series now…they’ve always annoyed me somewhat though). I’ve been cross-stitching a lot lately.

This past weekend I spent a lot of time cross-stitching while watching Veronica Mars season 1 & 2. They were only $15 each (cheap!) on amazon so thanks to Krissy I was able to get them for only $9 (free shipping on orders over $25 so I almost always order enough to get the free shipping). Season 3 is still $40 something so that will have to wait a bit. I loved that show and wish it hadn’t been cancelled.