TV Shows

A lot of the shows I watch are reruns but there’s some new shows that I do watch.

On the N:
Degrassi TNG and About a Girl

Ghost Whisperer and I’ve recorded each episode of Moonlight but haven’t watched them yet


and now Sundays I’ll be watching Amazing Race. I also watch Lost when it’s on.

I think this season of Survivor is the best in a long while. Part of it is probably the location…I was getting so sick of all the islands.

  • I feel really dorky for admitting this, especially since I have never been a reality TV fan, but I’ve gotten hooked on “America’s Most Smartest Model” on VH1. I was sad because my two favorites (Mandy Lynn and Jesse) got booted :(

  • That sounds interesting :) I’ve never seen it though.

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