Tomorrow we’re going to be going over to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving, along with my parents. I’m not into the whole Thanksgiving meal thing (turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing just don’t excite me) so I’m never too excited about Thanksgiving. To me, the best thing about it the past few years is that we’ve been playing board games after the meal. When I was little, the fact that we (and it was usually larger gatherings when I was little, involving aunts and uncles and cousins) didn’t play games on Thanksgiving always disappointed me. Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and Day were the only times we got together and didn’t play games, but at Christmas at least I had the consolation of presents.

Also, I haven’t drunk alcohol for the past three or so years so I don’t even have the partaking of the wine to look forward to. I really like wine (and beer) but don’t drink anymore due to my health problems and medication.

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