SOE Needs a New Marketing Team

There’s been a lot that’s annoyed/upset me over the years I’ve played EQII because of choices made by the devs. This is the first time that it’s been the marketing team that has done so.

It’s been known for several months that there is a house pet only available to preorders. What hasn’t been known is how exactly we receive the preorder. A preorder box at pickup? Or what? There’s been many posts about this on the forums. EB Games website stated, up until today, that all preorders will receive the pet. SOE’s website also stated that (as far as I know). Myself, and many others, preordered the game in-store at local stores.

Today, someone posted on the forums that EB Games website now states that the pet is only available to ONLINE preorders. A dev then posts the response that it’s true, with a quote from marketing that says (and I don’t remember exactly) “we’re trying to make this as easy as possible and we informed retailers and they should have informed the customers, blah blah blah”. Hah. Many people have asked at retail stores and NONE of them knew anything about how preorders would be delivered. I’m sure people who work for SOE have seen all these posts over the past few months wondering about the preorder and seen the people believing that all preorders will get the pet. And they wait until someone not from SOE sees that EB Games updated their information to post the correct information about how to get the pet, 5 days before release.

There are going to be a lot of people unpleasantly surprised on release day I think, when they pick up their games in the store and they find that won’t be getting their house pet. And it’s not just a regular house pet, it’s one that will occasionally find collection items for you. There won’t be anything they can do about it, since it will be too late to preorder online.

I’m going to be canceling my in-store preorder and preordering online. But I’m not happy about having to do so.

  • ugh, that really sucks. the least they could do would be to say “oops, we screwed up, everyone who preordered gets a pet then!” I’m glad you at least found out in time to get it online :)

  • And what about those of us who want the box and like me preordered ages ago from Amazon here in the UK. Stores have stopped stocking anything related to EQ2 so that wasn’t an option. I just don’t like on-line where at the end of it all you have is your registration number to show for the money, I like to have the box, disks etc. Since I ordered well in advance should I not also be entitled to any preorder reward?

  • This is something that happens every time there is a “prize” for preordering. There is mass confusion as to how/who/when you get your preorder item. SOE realizes they screw up, and then gives the item to everyone.

    It would be nice if they would get their act together and figure it out.

  • I’ve been saying this for over a year. They have a HORRIBLE marketing department. Whoever is the CMO should be fired. They are embarressingly bad.

  • This is the same BS that happened with the DoF monkey.
    No one knew exactly what the requirements really were
    until game day.

  • Wait, so you’re saying that the Preorder I did at Amazon UK a few weeks ago won’t give the pet? :(

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