Results were mostly normal

I called the gastro today to check on my test results. My ultrasound showed that my liver was slightly fatty (I’m not too suprised, I think my triglycerides are high) and one of the blood tests was slightly high but the nurse didn’t say what one and apparently the doctor didn’t think it was high enough to follow up on. He seems to be waiting for the endoscopy and colonoscopy to do anything else. I am so NOT looking forward to those tests.

Before he will do them though, he wants the cardiologist to give their ok. I guess they sent them a letter several weeks ago but haven’t heard back yet so they want me to mention it to them at my appointment Friday. I will, of course. I guess they could be waiting to see if the beta blocker is working. As for that question, who knows. My heart rate is slightly lower, but still above 100. It varied when I wasn’t on the betablockers from 130 to 100 to 80 (only after I had been laying down would it go that low).