I started painting in watercolors again the other night. I started trying to paint some fairies (I got a new book on fairy painting the other day). The multi-colored sponged backgrounds look great. The fairies…not so great. I think I need a lot more practice at painting them. Tonight I think I’m going to start a painting of a rooster to give my mom for Christmas. She has roosters all over her kitchen. Then I’ll probably paint a fish for dad for Christmas.

Last spring I painted several pictures but I don’t think I’ve ever shown them here. I added them to fuzzydoodles the other month when I was redoing the site though. Speaking of which, I never finished redoing the site so a lot of things are missing. (If you visit fuzzydoodles anytime soon, there’s two links to “Gallery”. Only the one on the right works.)

New Artwork:
Seahorse – watercolor background and painted using melted crayons
Seahorse 2 – watercolors
Cherries– watercolors
Butterflies – watercolors
Margarita – watercolors

  • those look great. I’ve never seen anything done with melted crayons before; it’s really pretty!

  • I like the Margarita one :) – style kind of reminds me of looking at colorful glass hardened with all those little bubbles still inside

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