Horrible Night

Last night was a pretty horrible night but fortunately I don’t remember it all too well*. I took 10mg of Ambien (I hadn’t been taking it much lately and only 5mg when I do). I’m not sure what happened since I’ve taken 10mg before with no problems. Maybe it was a reaction between the Ambien and another medication I take. Maybe it was because of the sinus congestion/drainage. Maybe it was some other unknown reason. But I didn’t fall asleep right away and I was hallucinating about various things. The towel in the bathroom became extremely fuzzy and was moving, kind of like a worm. I remember thinking to myself, “touch it and you’ll see it’s not really moving…it’s just your eyes playing tricks on you”. And then I touched it and it still seemed like it was moving. Freaky.

The hallucinations weren’t the horrible part, although it’s disturbing to be seeing people crowded all around and thinking your eyes were open and then actually open your eyes and they go away but the walls are moving around. I’ve hallucinated on it before and it’s kind of fun sometimes. The horrible part was throwing up twice. Once on the way to the bathroom and then once in the bathroom. I HATE throwing up and it hardly ever happens, fortunately. Poor Joe had to get up and clean up the floor in the bedroom. I don’t really remember anything after throwing up. I’m guessing I went back to bed, since that’s where I woke up in the morning.

I kind of imagine the “conscious sedation” they do for the endoscopy and colonoscopy as the memory loss I experience when I don’t fall asleep right away after taking Ambien. I am hoping I am wrong in this, as I do remember bits of that time and frankly just don’t like the idea of being awake and not remembering it later. Still waiting on the cardiologist’s approval though for the procedures. I called them again today so I guess I’ll check in a few days if I don’t hear back from them or the gastro.

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