Everquest II

I finally got into the Rise of the Kunark beta and that’s downloading at the moment. I’m looking forward to its release on the 13th. Calandra’s been at the level cap for awhile now. I’ve been leveling her up as a sage and she’s now a level 54 sage. The other character I’ve been playing the most has been my wizard who’s level 55 now. I also have two low-level Faes (a Warlock and a Coercer) and a low-level Arasai (a Fury), plus my level 59 Mystic that I don’t play much anymore. I still have fun playing but no else in the guild plays anymore really so it’s kind of lonely sometimes.

  • Aww I miss playing :)
    Have they added anything cool with this one?

  • Gonna take advantage of the double xp today? I’m actually going to hop on today (I have a level 40 Arasai Warden) and play a bit, after I get my novel writing for the day done.

    Come on over to Unrest and play with us sometime!

  • @Rice: Nothing extremely cool, at least to me. They’re raising the level cap to 80, adding the new race and starting zone, new high level zones, and rhino mounts. Almost all spells get an upgrade from 70-80 so we’ll be getting three new pets. I’ve seen them, but I can’t say anything about them till the NDA is over.

    @Aubrey: Thanks for reminding me! I almost forgot about that. After I saw your comment earlier today I logged in for awhile to level my sage and got two levels in no time. I still have 45% vitality so I’m going to craft some more and hopefully get two more levels. It would be fun to play with you sometime :) I don’t think I knew that you were on Unrest now (or I just forgot).

  • I actually started a new character on Unrest a few months ago to play with Scott. Scott hit 70 with his troubador a few weeks ago and he’s all set for the expansion! I’ll probably hold off on buying it for a bit because my character’s only at 41 and I can’t remember if anything new will be coming for that level or not.

    I’m having fun with the game, but I can’t play more than a few times a week at the most. Recently I’ve been playing for a couple hours one day a week, because of Nano and other things. I want to hit the level cap sometime, but I don’t think I ever will.

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