Last night we played Cranium, Pop 5 version. We had played it before with them and had also in the past played the regular Cranium with his brother and sisters.

In this one, the opposing team looks at the card, puts tokens of the various things you can do in order from easist to hardest (easist gets 1 point, hardest get 5), then one person on the other team looks at the card and chooses what they want to do. You can draw, sculpt, act it out, hum it, or use letter dice where you can say a word that starts with a letter on the dice (as many words per letter as you want). It’s lots of fun.

Some highlights from last night were sculpting a pair of lips and a man, then shoving the man inside the lips for the song “Maneater”. And trying to get Joe to figure out that an oversized happy human vegetable was the Jolly Green Giant. Joe sculpted a very good George Foreman Grill but I didn’t get it since the category was Fad and that threw me off.

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