Busy Birthday Weekend

My birthday is on Monday, the 12th. I’ll be 28! My aunt’s birthday is the day after. Tonight we’re going to my cousin’s house for a family get-together. I’m really hoping there will be board game playing. I miss the game nights my family used to have. Now we just have them occasionally on holidays like New Years. Tomorrow Joe and I are going to Red Robin to use my birthday coupon (free burger and ice cream sundae). On Monday I have off work (everyone has off for their birthday there) and Joe and my parents and I are going out to eat at Red Lobster for my birthday dinner. Hmm…Red Robin, Red Lobster. I’m sensing a theme.

  • yay I love our birthday :) my family, Mike’s family, and Tim are all going to lunch with Mike and me tomorrow at Rock Bottom Brewery. I’m so excited! FOOD!

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