Bunnies are Funnies

I wish I had gotten a photo of Nobi (full name: Kenobi) the other day.

Nobi is a free-range bunny although he spends 95% of his time next to Yodi’s (full(?) name: Yoda) pen. Yodi is the evil bunny who can’t be trusted. He’s ruined two alarm clocks and various other electronics including several Playstation 2 controllers. The controllers were actually on the same day. Joe had bought a new game and was playing it. He left the room and when he came back, the cord was chewed in half. He went to the store to buy a new one, came home, played for a little while, left the room, came back and…cord was chewed in half. He has also destroyed several of our books, including nibbling on my BSC collection. He’s eaten holes in several of jeans and shirts of Joe’s.

In our old apartment he lived in a cage in the living room and we left him out in the living room while we were home. In our new place, up until a few weeks ago, he lived in the bedroom and was left out, again, when we were home. No matter how much we bunny-proofed, he still found things to chew and destroy. So he got moved into living room (in our new house it’s the front room that is kind of functioning as a storage room) and we got a pen for him to hop around in. I think he likes it better since he’s not confined to a cage all day anymore but I’m sure he’d rather be free to hop anywhere he wants. Once the living room is bunny proofed, we’ll let him out but he will be constantly supervised.

Back to the original point of this entry, the other day he managed to pull the pen away from the cage and get free (they weren’t attached at the time). I’m not sure how long he was out but when I came out there, I found Nobi flattened on top of Yodi’s cage, in the exact middle (there’s a towel on top of the cage). He was hiding so Yodi couldn’t find him! It was so adorable.

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