Recently I’ve been rereading the BSC books in order, minus the super specials and mysteries (I’m going to read those in their own order). I’m up to somewhere in the Friends Forever series part of it. I’m still missing some of those and a few from the main series (and some mysteries). As much as I enjoy reading them, the inconsistencies stick out more when you read them in order. Normally I read them randomly or all the Mallory books or something like that. It annoyed me especially how in one book Ethan was 16, then in the next book he was 15 again (Ethan is Stacey’s boyfriend in some of the books). Also, I’ve discovered Mary Ann is really annoying. I mean, really annoying.

  • I haven’t read the BSC in years :) my favorites were Claudia and Stacey. I remember some inconsistencies when I read them, like ages jumping around and all that… I guess the author didn’t keep a list of details?

  • I think about 3/4 of the books were written by ghostwriters so that might explain it. Not that it makes it excusable. If I ever ghost-wrote a book, I’d be sure to get all the facts about the characters right.

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