I don’t think so

I will not accept a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder from a cardiologist. They do not have a psychology degree. They made that “diagnosis” two months after I was in the hospital (2 years ago) and while they were testing me for various heart conditions. Maybe I was anxious then. Who wouldn’t be? But I did not have an anxiety disorder. I still do not have an anxiety disorder.

I’ve spent most of this past year in a fibro/medicated stupor. If my house had caught on fire, I would have laid on the couch and watched it burn, saying “oh pretty!”. I had almost zero anxiety. Yet my heart rate was still way above normal.

Isn’t the main criteria for having an anxiety disorder…anxiety?

The cardiologist I saw last week did not ask me if I was anxious. He accepted the other cardiologist diagnosis of an anxiety disorder without asking me any questions pertaining to it. But the worst thing he did was perpetuating the lie by writing a letter to my rheumatologist. My rheumy was previously helpful and one of the best doctors I had. Now, since receiving that letter, he’s writing off my symptoms as due to my “anxiety disorder”.
Case in point: the nausea I’ve been experiencing for the past two weeks and that has been increasing in severity, even preventing me from working. He said it’s probably due to my anxiety disorder. Hah.
I’m no doctor but I bet it has more to do with my high liver enzymes than with my non-existent anxiety disorder.

Speaking of the liver enzymes, I had requested last week that my blood test results be faxed to the rheumy before my appointment. Were they faxed? No. So he wouldn’t prescribe anything for the fibro until he knows exactly how high they were. He told me to go back and have them retested soon to see if they were down. So, back to the family doctor. If they’re still elevated, then it’s off to a gastroenterologist I go.

  • this is a big problem, and something I’ve talked about with the docs (phds, but still doctors) I work with. if someone has any sort of psych diagnosis in their medical record, most doctors in the future will be likely to attribute physical complaints to that diagnosis instead of digging deeper — even if that diagnosis IS NOT TRUE. this bothers me, a lot. it’s just easier to write people off as having an anxiety disorder than actually trying to find the cause of something.

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