I started cross-stitching again lately. I haven’t really done any for the past 8.5 months due to the damage to my eye from the high blood pressure. I started working on a 5×7 Southwestern one I had started a few years ago.

It’s nice to be able to cross-stitch again. I don’t like to just watch TV and not doing something else, so having another option to chose from again is good. The other recent available choices have been jigsaw puzzles, painting sea-life figurines that I had bought 6 years ago, or playing Diablo 2. The last option isn’t so much an option…I don’t actually pay attention to the TV while playing; I just like it on for background noise.

My cross-stitch site has joined the ranks of my domains that I started to redesign and then stopped; only it’s not as noticable. I also added the Lightbox effect to the full-size images. Lightbox is fun.

  • I’m glad to hear you are starting xstitching again :)

    I’ve let my knitting and spinning go for a while and really want/need to pick them back up again. I miss them.

  • Glad to see you’re cross-stitching again! It’s good to have a hobby that isn’t on the computer that relaxes you :).

  • I haven’t cross stitched in awhile, either. I’ve been quilting but I haven’t been doing much of either because of school and all. I can never just watch tv either, I have to read or something while its on.

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