The Internet in 2007

This post by Alison really sums up how the internet in 2007 is not as personal as it was in 2001.

Like her, I miss the internet from 2001. I have nothing against sites like twitter or things like RSS feeds. Things like that along with things such as WordPress themes and Livejournal make the web feel cookie-cutterish. Using themes that thousands of other people are using or adding your thoughts to a big melting pot of other people’s thoughts doesn’t show individual personality like websites used to.

And it’s sad.

  • it is kind of sad and I do miss it too. Alison makes a good point, though — the people around our age who were creating websites and writing journals (not blogs!) have gotten older and are working full time, having kids, spending more time away from the computer.

  • It makes me sort of sad, too.

    When I first started doing things online, I really enjoyed layouts and such, but I was never as “into it” or as talented as you. However, blogs and stuff make writing so much more bleehhhh as well.

    Since I really don’t spend as much time online these days with work and stuff, I made the decision to make my livejournal more like my old journal – mostly public and mostly longer entries.


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