New Drug

I had my three month check-up with the rheumy today. Not much new to report, but I requested Lyrica, the drug that just yesterday got FDA approval for FMS. He said I’ll be his guinea pig as I’m his first patient with just FMS taking it. He’s had others on it with FMS, but they also had the other conditions for which it was already approved. Hoping it works and also hoping that my insurance company will authorize it…they require prior authorization before paying part of it.

I am so hoping that we get a national healthcare program sometime. I’m so sick of doctors prescribing tests or medications and the evil insurance companies saying they’re not necessary. It baffles me why they ever were allowed that ability in the first place.

I discovered yesterday that I really like the SpotMilk admin theme for WordPress, in the BlackMilk version. The default WordPress admin theme is just blah.