An Update

It’s been 7 years and 25 days since my first weblog post. Crazy.

I went to a book-signing last Wednesday. Maria V. Snyder. She wrote Poison Study and Magic Study, with an upcoming Fire Study. You should read these books. Really.

I’ve been doing a lot of watercolor painting lately. And playing Pokemon Pearl. I started reading the Wheel of Time series and started wearing my Aes Sedai ring again.

I’m taking herbal and mineral supplements and going to a chiropractor twice a week.

We’re likely getting one, possibly two, kittens in a few weeks.

Work is still work but working with WordPress makes work a little less like work.

I can’t walk very far without my left knee shifting out of place very painfully and causing my leg to give out. It is not very fun.

The cancellations of Veronica Mars and Drive? Not cool.

  • Awww kittens! What color/kind are you thinking of?

  • I miss you. ♥

    Krissy said on May 22, 2007 at 8:40 pm
  • I think the kittens are grey ones. The woman I work with who works from home in Delaware has them, it wasn’t her cat, but an outdoor one that was hanging around. They’re about 4 weeks old, so we have to wait a few more weeks :)

  • Can sympathise with the knee thing. Having twice torn my cruciate ligament there isn’t a day goes by without my knee joint grumbling.

  • Thanks for the comment. Yep, I love to cross stitch. I am thinking that it is becoming a forgotten art though. You have a interesting site here. Congrats on the kittens. I love cats. Sorry about your knee though. Hope it gets better.

  • Aw – have you gotten your kittens yet?

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