I’m really beginning to regret moving to this community. It was described by the real estate agent as “nice, quiet, friendly”.


So far we have a neighbor who likes to play heavy metal at very loud levels, a car egging, kids riding their bikes around on our lawn, and now this.

Today some kids (around 8 or 9 years old I think) were throwing rocks up on the roof of the building that used to be the office, which is right next to our driveway. The rocks did not always stay on the roof. They fell back down, one onto the hood of my car which put a small dent in it.

These weren’t little rocks. They were larger than a brick and had been used as edging for a small garden type thing in front of the office. If one of those had hit my windshield…

Not to mention that some of them were going over the roof of the building and dropping down into a grassy area where people often walk their dogs. And of course some of the rocks were falling back to where they were throwing from, making it possible for one of the rocks to have hit one of the kids on the head.

All in all, it was a very stupid idea for the kids to do.

I had a bit of a laugh though…I had heard them outside and after seeing what they were doing, I took my camera and took some photos through the window blinds. They eventually noticed the camera and were like “is that a camera?” “i think it is” “it is!” and watching them back away and then hurry off on their bikes (they were some of the same kids who like to do circles on our lawn).

  • Hahaha – I actually laughed out loud at that – thats funny your scared them 😉

    Yeah… man, 8-11 kids are INSANE – I remember doing swimming lessons for that age *shudder*…. thats good they didn’t kill themselves with the rocks though

  • and what’s wrong with heavy metal?……. ;o)

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