I swear I’ll get the new layout up sometime

I’ve been spending a few hours each day working on the new layout (and restructuring, redesigning, whatever). Most of the time is spent like this:

Me: Hmm…it would be cool if WordPress could do this…wonder if there’s a plugin for it.
*** an hour passes while I look for one, continually getting sidetracked by various sites ***
Me: Found one!
*** installs plugin ***
Me: Oh. It doesn’t work. I’ll go see if anyone else had this problem with it.
*** another hour passes while I browse the web “looking for an answer” ***
Me: Ok… no luck. I’ll try and fix it myself.
*** procedes to fix the plugin by rendering WordPress completely unusable ***
*** searches web for answer on how to fix the newest error ***
*** starts over with fresh copy of plugin ***
Me: Ah, that one little line of code is the problem.
*** fixes code in three seconds…three hours after I first started ***
Me: You know, I don’t think I really want to use this plugin after all

And repeat every day. On the plus side, I’m becoming much more familiar with WordPress, due to this and the client sites I’ve been working on.

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