Last night sometime someone smeared graham crackers (mixed with some sort of liquid, which then froze) over my car’s windshield, driver’s window, and driver’s door handle. And also on Joe’s car’s two side passenger windows. There was also a panty liner stuck on my driver’s window.

Just what the hell is wrong with half the people in the world today? Things like that and drivers who don’t obey traffic laws and put other drivers at risk just to get somewhere faster, and all the senseless violence in the news and people who adopt a kitten just to knock it off it’s hiding place in the rafters so they can videotape it being killed by a pit bull.

I’ve been losing my faith in humanity lately.

  • holy crap, that’s… very random and awful. I’m so sorry!

    I’m losing my faith in humanity as well. :(

  • What the hell? Seriously… thats just…. what?

    Wow though…. who puts that much effort into random vandalism? =(
    So sorry to hear that =( *shakes fist at jerks*

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