I took a bit of a fall tonight and ended up scraping my right knee up pretty badly. That’s not really the important part though. The important part is *why* it happened.

There’s a small step going up the walkway to our place. It was dark out. I had mentioned the depth perception problem yesterday but forgot to mention that, as annoying as the spot is in normal light, it doesn’t affect my ability to see as it does in the dark. It does distort my vision some and makes it difficult/tiring to read and focus on things like a computer screen, but in the dark if I try to focus on anything, I just see this bright white flare and can’t make anything else out. This made it impossible for me to plug in the fan last night when the lights were out. Joe managed to do it in two seconds. I also had a difficult time opening my car door after work tonight.

But anyway, back to the story. So there was the step and I knew it was there and could see it (sort of) but the bright light was there and I couldn’t really tell how far away it was. And so, boom. Down I went. It was actually kind of frightening, being that it was my vision or lack thereof that caused it to happen.

In less depressing news, I bought Transcending CSS tonight at the bookstore. I started reading it and even though I’m only 1/4 of the way through, I really recommend it to anyone who develops websites, for personal or professional reasons. It’s for intermediate to advanced users of CSS. Aside from the content being interesting, it’s a pleasant book to look at and read through.

  • oof! I hope you feel better. *hugs* due to the recent crazy snow in Denver, our apartment parking lot is a sea of ice and snow. I’ve fallen more than once on the ice. I have a bruise on my butt. heh.

  • [quote post=”1399″]recent crazy snow in Denver[/quote]
    I’ve been wondering how things are going for you out there with all that snow! We’ve been lucky and haven’t had any yet *knock on wood*.

  • we missed the huge blizzard – we were in Indiana that day – but we got to see the aftermath when Tim picked us up at the airport… and then the second storm brought even more snow. woooo! we *NEVER* get this much snow, so it’s really something :)

  • I saw Malarkey (Andy Clarke) and Molly speak at the .net magazine sponsored @Media 2006 in London last year. They were both excellent.

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