Dex Results

I finally heard from the endo today. I was at work, so she left a message (I had left a message there asking about the results this morning). I was all set to hear that my results were normal. But she said that my cortisol levels were “borderline, not normal”. Not as good as abnormal would have been, but better than normal. She wants me to have the Dex/CRH test done.

Dexamethasone CRH Test
In patients with equivocal results, combination of dexamethasone suppression in combination with a stimulation test using a hormone called CRH can be useful in making the diagnosis of Cushing’s syndrome. CRH is a hypothalamic hormone which normally stimulates ACTH from the pituitary and subsequently cortisol from the adrenal gland. This study should only be performed in a setting where there are endocrinologists who have had experience with the test and ensure it is performed properly.

More testing is good. It’s strange hoping for abnormal test results.

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