Something that still baffles me

When I was at the first endo, the NP called in the “real” endo for a few minutes at the end of my appointment. One of the things she said was “You have a lot of symptoms of Cushing’s but you don’t have blah, blah, easy bruising…”. I said no, I do bruise easily. Then she said, of all things, “I don’t see any bruises”. Maybe that would have made more sense if she had actually examined me, but the only parts of me she could see were my hands, face, and neck. All of my unexplainable bruising occurs on my arms and legs for the most part. I imagine it’s that way for most other people too. So that comment made absolutely no sense.

I was just reminded of that today when I found yet another bruise, a fairly large one on the back of my right arm. Which, of course, in the endo’s mind wouldn’t exist since it’s hidden under my clothes.

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