Blah and Blah

There are many boxes everywhere still in our new place. We haven’t decorated for Christmas or bought Christmas presents. We won’t have DSL till the 21st and the only phone jack is in the living room and would require a super long phone cord to reach the computer room. Moving is just *soooo* much fun.

I have another new medical problem to add to my ever-growing list. Since Monday night, there’s been a bright white spot just off to the center of my vision in my right eye. It’s kind of like what happens after you stare at a bright light too long. Only…this won’t go away. It’s triangle-shaped and resembles a lighter flame and annoys the heck out of me. It affects everything I do and makes my vision screwy. It’s hard to read or do anything close-up especially.

I went to the eye doctors Tuesday. He said something about seeing a triangle shaped membrane area or something but didn’t seem to know anything more. He said to come back in a month or sooner if it gets worse. I asked if it would go away and he said maybe in awhile(????). Oh, and he also said I have bleeding at the back of my eyes, due to my very high blood pressure most likely. Which I guess is not a good thing at all to have happen. Really though the annoying bright spot has me more concerned at the moment. I can see the spot…I can’t see the bleeding. If it doesn’t go away over the weekend, I plan to make an appointment with the guy my dad sees for hjs glaucoma.

Last week I went to the endo appointment at the other place (the one that was scheduled three months ago). I’m doing the dex suppression test tonight. I take the pill at midnight and go get my blood drawn at 9 am. She seems to feel that if I suppress on this test, then I don’t have Cushing’s, but I know for a fact that there are people with Cushing’s who did suppress. So, if I do, I’m just going to give up on seeing local endos and save up to go to the specialist at OSHU sometime.

  • *hugs* I’m so sorry. Cushing’s does make some sense. Definitely check into sliding scales and such, especially at research institutions. I know, easier said than done. You may want to ask your PCP if he/she knows of anything of the sort at OSHU (or his/her alma mater, if it’s nearby). Also, maybe you can find something about good endos on message boards or something?

    Undiagnosed medical conditions suck so badly…I’m thinking of you…

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