Unfinished sites

I keep doing things to my websites and not finishing them. I never finished whatever it was I was doing with cleverness a few months ago. Then I stripped this site of it’s layout and doing things with customizing plug-ins but never finished and haven’t put a new layout up. My latest thing is that I finally finished that back-end for my cross-stitch projects so put that up on oceanbreeze as my main content. I added most of my cross-stitches last weekend but it still needs a layout.

I get so frustrated because I still have all these ideas of things I want to do but I don’t have the mental ability or energy to do them.

  • Aww – I get like that too – lol except for me I don’t have a medical excuse. Its like I have A.D.D. when it comes to doing projects on my own time lol. I’ll be like ooo I should do this! *do a little bit* Oooh it would be more fun to do that *drops it and does something else* Hey look a butterfly! *chases butterfly*

    And you know… once the butterfly comes all is lost. lol

    Stupid butterfly.

    But yeah – know what ya mean with it being frustrating – wanting to do something but not being able to make yourself stay committed with it. Given though that your reason for it is much better than mine :)

  • I was checking out the cross stitch site earlier today! You did a great job on the backend, yay php!

  • your cross stitch site looks great! 😀

    I know what you mean about doing things and then losing track of them or losing interest. blah.

  • Cool :) Do you have a link to it? :)

  • [quote comment=”1669″]Cool :) Do you have a link to it? :)[/quote]

    it’s at http://oceanbreeze.net :)

  • [quote comment=”1670″] it’s at http://oceanbreeze.net :)[/quote]

    Ooo cool :) – I love that owl one, and the butterfly one with eastern symbols on it. Also all the ones with ducks ^^

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