Some Results

I called the doctor’s office today and they called me back later with the bloodwork results. Or rather, they called to say that they didn’t know how to interpret the results. [side note: then how did they interpret those last results, which they said were not mine, as normal?]. The nurse said the doctor wanted me to just wait till I saw the endo…until she asked me when that was. After I said December, she said they’d call the endo Monday and get them to interpret the results and to see if they thought the results showed I should get in sooner. I’m glad at least that my family doctor seems to be taking this seriously (even though most of his staff are idiots, as proven before). However, he can’t *force* the endo to see me earlier.

I’m just getting really concerned. Everything I read about Cushing’s mentions how if left untreated, it’s fatal. I was looking through a book on cortisol tonight in Borders and there was a section on Cushing’s. It said that few people with it make it to the stage where there’s visible hallmark symptoms (which I have). And that you should not fool around with it and need to be tested by a doctor competent in interpreting the results. I’m worried that whenever I do get to see the endo, that they’re not going to be that competent. A lot of endo’s specialize in diabetes anyway and since Cushing’s is such a rare disease….

I’ll see what happens Monday (let’s hope they actually remember to call the endo). I guess if they say they can’t get me in sooner or something, I may go in and talk to my family doctor about the possibility of going to NIH, or, if the tests didn’t show positive results, OSHU, where there is *the* Cushing’s specialist. And about going on short-term disablity.

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